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Rhodolite Stone Owl Carving Statue


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Rhodolite Owl Carving

Rhodolite is a variety of garnet, crystallizes in the form of masses, granules, plate-like layers.

It is known as a Stone of Inspiration, bringing the inspiration of love via the heart and mind. [Melody, 564] It helps one receive abundance on an emotional level, stimulating one’s sense of self-worth and alleviating feelings of inadequacy. It assists in owning one’s gifts and abilities, and sharing them with others. [Ahsian, 169]

metaphysical uses Rhodolite Uses and Purposes – Overview
Rhodolite Garnet is a crystal of inspiration and emotional healing. It encourages love, kindness and compassion, and promotes self-worth and spiritual growth. It is especially helpful in recovery of sexual abuse, guilt or shame. It aids in the treatment of heart and lung disorders, and enhances metabolism and healthy sexuality. Rhodolite supports the Base, Heart and Crown Chakras, is attuned to many Guardian Angels, and honors four Goddesses. It falls under the zodiac sign of Aquarius and is the natural birthstone of those born from mid-autumn to just after the winter solstice. It has an elemental Fire Energy, and is an Enhancer Strengthener talisman.

Approx Dimensions:
5.5″ H x 5.5″ W


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